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Our Services

Every video production has it’s own unique requirements. We have the right highly-skilled & talented team for your project.

Creative Direction

Creative is simply the idea, the concept, the story that delivers. It sounds simple, but it’s the first step to the final masterpiece.


This is the most important part of your video – your messaging and story is laid out in the script like a blueprint.


A storyboard allows you to see how each shot will look before the shoot. These are especially valuable in animation productions too.


Whether they’re actors, staff or voiceover artists – the right talent for your video production is essential.


Unless it’s animation, we need to secure the right set. This might be a professional studio, a hired location or your office.


The right crew will make your production successful. We have an in-house team plus a network of specialised professionals to call on for all areas of your video production.


Your script & storyboard come together in front of the lens for the first time under the guidance of our cinematographers and directors.


Your imagination is the limit. Our animators will bring the storyboard and script to life using specialised animation software.


Video editing is a meticulous and time intensive process. Our editors are artisans – cutting the footage to perfectly match the story and message.

Colour Grading

Colour is an important part of visual storytelling. Our in-house grading suite will be used to add the final polish to your video.

Audio Mastering

Sound & Music have incredible emotional capacity in film. Making sure your video both looks and sounds great is our speciality.


Delivery can be complex – specifications differ between formats. Whether your video is destined for web or TV, or anything in between, our technical team is trained to quality control and deliver your video.

No matter what your video production needs are,
ATMC has the right team for the job.

It is said that great journeys begin with a single step. We believe great relationships begin with a single word. Let’s create powerful stories together.


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